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Ultimate Guide to Shrink-Sleeve Packaging & Digital Printing for Beverages

How to Choose the Best Beverage Packaging

The beverage packaging selected to surround your drink matters. A customer’s first impression of you and your brand depends on your drink labels. The moment a shopper picks up your drink from the shelf is a crucial moment. Here’s what you need to know about beverage packaging.

At Newport Bottling & Canning, our beverage production lines are compatible with shrink-sleeve packaging, pressure-sensitive labels, and digital printing on aluminum cans.

Shrink Sleeve VS Digital

Shrink-Sleeve Packaging vs. Digital Printing

However, shrink-sleeve cans and digital printing offer the most flexibility for the brand and beverage manufacturers.

What Is Shrink-Sleeve Packaging?

Shrink-sleeve packaging covers the 360-degree surface of a bottle, can, or glass in your custom drink label. This method of shrink-sleeve labeling offers you the most real estate, so you can dress up your drink from top to bottom. Shrink-sleeve bottles or cans are the most durable drink labeling options available. This is a must-have feature if your beverage is best served chilled. The look of your product won’t shift with dramatic drops or rises in temperature with shrink-sleeve cans or bottles. Heat shrink sleeves for bottles and cans are made from plastic or polyester film. The most commonly used material for shrink-sleeve packaging is Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol (PETG) for its unique features. PETG is fully recyclable, water and heat-resistant, with a low shrinkage rate.
When Shrink Sleeve

When Does Shrink-Sleeve Packaging Happen in Beverage Production?

During beverage production, shrink-sleeve labels are placed onto your bottles or cans through the use of heat after fulfillment. The beverage sleeves slide onto each can or bottle and are pushed toward a high-heat tunnel. This tunnel flash heats the beverage packaging to conform to every angle of your product.

What Is Digital Printing on Cans?

Digital printing on aluminum cans is the latest update in beverage packaging. Instead of sourcing for both cans and labels, digital printing streamlines the process. With digital printing, your design is directly printed onto aluminum cans. This method eliminates the need for labels making digital printing on cans environmentally friendly. Plus, your design will allure shoppers with the extremely high-resolution beverage label. Since digital printing eliminates two steps during beverage production, it is the most efficient option for small beverage production lines or trial runs.
When Digital

When Does Digital Printing Happen in Beverage Production?

Digital printing for aluminum cans allows for your drink to arrive at beverage production facilities already labeled and ready for fulfillment. Many new beverage companies choose digital printing for its seamless functionality. At Newport Bottling & Canning, we’ll direct you to some of the best digital printing & shrink-sleeve packaging companies around.
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