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Bottled & Canned Energy Drinks

Surprise your friends or take the world by storm when you create your own bottled or canned energy drinks. Newport Bottling & Canning will support you for the entire energy drink production process. Everything from flavoring to canning to product testing all falls under our umbrella of expertise. Our beverage consulting & co-packing team in Orange, California, has over 40 years of experience in the beverage and flavor industry.

Before bringing your bottled or canned energy drink into an industry worth nearly $60 billion, make sure to perfect your product and you’ll be on your way to creating a brand that stands alongside the likes of Monster Energy and Red Bull.

Your Energy Drink Formula

Bottled and canned energy drinks are traditionally filled with a lot of sugar to give consumers the rush that they want and need. Since sugar is the second most prevalent ingredient behind water, we invite you to work with our research and development team to find the perfect mix of flavor and sugar without overpowering the pallet. After years of beverage research with the flavor science team at Nature’s Flavors, we’ve mastered the art of integrating natural and organic flavors into your energy drinks. Our flavor chemists can create samples of your beverage in a matter of weeks, ready for your friends (or board members) to taste before large-scale energy drink bottling and canning begins.

Energy Drink Bottling & Canning

When you’re ready to start bottling or canning your energy drink, you’ll need to decide what kind of container best suits your product. In addition to glass and plastic bottles, we also provide a few varieties of aluminum cans for you to choose from. You can create your own 8.4 oz, 12 oz standard, 12 oz sleek, 16 oz canned energy drinks, or any combination of these sizes depending on the size of your order.

After you make your own energy drink, the canning process is very similar to canning and bottling soft drinks. Your beverage containers will be set into our production lines and filled with your personalized drink. To prevent your bottled and canned energy drinks from coming out flat, we’ll pump nitrogen into the nearly-filled container to purge any remaining oxygen. Our machines will then quickly seal the containers to ensure fresh flavor for everyone that wants a taste. Afterward, we use tunnel pasteurization and a state-of-the-art cooling tunnel to sanitize your canned energy drinks and bring them up to standards.

Once your canned energy drink is sealed in, our services include shrink-sleeve packaging for all of your drinks. After you design your own unique label, you can work with our team and we’ll attach them for you so you can start filling the shelves with your brand.

Energy Drink Bottling

These days, energy drinks are often associated with canning, and for a good reason. When heading to a gas station or grocery store, you’ll find plenty of canned energy drinks, but few in a bottle. Nevertheless, all of the popular energy drink brands like Red Bull and Monster have a few varieties of energy drinks in plastic bottles. Choose energy drink bottling for a maneuverable product that consumers can take on the go!

Energy drinks in glass bottles are even less popular, but if you’re interested in the appeal of glass bottles with traditional crown caps, you can try a small production run to see if they’re well received.

To start the beverage formulation process that comes before canning or bottling your new energy drinks, contact our team of expert beverage consultants today.