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Beverage Formulation Service

Custom Beverage Formulation

As one of the leading beverage formulation companies, Newport Bottling & Canning offers unmatched expertise and services like beverage consulting and research & development, as well as bottling and canning. Speak to flavor chemists, industry experts, and production technicians all in one facility located in Orange, California.

Beverage formulation is the process of working alongside skilled professionals like flavor chemists, quality control technicians, and industry experts to develop your ideal beverage. Working with a beverage formulation company eases any uncertainty from new drink entrepreneurs.

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Beverage Formulation Process
Natures Flavors Syrups
Natures Flavors

Exceed Industry Standards

Choosing our beverage formulation company gives you access to one of the nation’s leading flavor houses, Nature’s Flavors. This partnership makes thousands of all-natural and organic raw materials available for all types of beverage flavor formulation.

Newport Bottling & Canning places you on top of industry trends by offering organic and fresh ingredients. Our team of flavor chemists has created hundreds of drink formulations with mouth-watering flavors and aromas. Award-winning brands have trusted our team to create custom beverage formulations.

First Taste of Beverage Formulation

As part of our beverage formulation service, samples can be ready as soon as two weeks from the date of consultation! With our custom beverage formulation, you’ll have your first round of drinks ready for investors, board members, and marketers in a few short weeks.


Once you’re satisfied with the final drink formulation, our experts can scale your small recipe to a commercial formula. We can take your beverage formula from ounces to gallons!

We give you the opportunity to utilize our canning and bottling production line. We offer large and small production runs at our beverage formulation company to make the entire beverage development process seamless. On-site production runs give you access to flavor chemists and quality control technicians who know your drink formula and can make adjustments.

Testing Your Drink Formulation

During the drink formulation process, our quality control leads run tests like Organoleptic Testing to ensure the color, aroma, and flavor of your drink is just right.
Get started with your custom beverage formulation today by contacting us at 714-771-2200, or sending our team an email.