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How a Canning Line Works

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Creating a canned beverage can’t happen without an exceptional canning line, so it’s important to know how a canning line works! At Newport Bottling & Canning, we use a balanced combination of advanced technology and manual work throughout our entire canning line. quality control technicians inspect your beverage after each process: batching, filling, lot coding, pasteurization, and cooling. Learn more about our beverage canning service.

Newport Bottling & Canning’s equipment accommodates the following aluminum can sizes; 8.4 oz, 12 oz standard, 12 oz sleek, and 16 oz. For can ends, we accept 202 LOE Can Ends. Contact a team member today for further information regarding the can sizes and ends that our canning line is able to handle!

How a Canning Line Works From Start To Finish

See how a canning line works with Newport Bottling & Canning in five steps.


Step 1: Filling


After our research and development team scales your recipe to a commercial formula, you’re ready for production! The first step in the canning line process is filling the cans with your specialty beverage.

First, the aluminum cans are manually loaded and fed onto the conveyor belt. From there, the canning line conveyor belt automatically lines up and sends them on their way to be filled. Five cans are simultaneously filled with your custom beverage before receiving their lids.

On-site technicians oversee the cans being filled. With the help of our machines, our technicians monitor the quality of your beverage formula during this first step of the canning line process.

Next, the cans receive their lids.


Step 2: Lids


The filled cans move forward on the conveyor belt where the 202 LOE Can Ends are automatically placed, but not secured, onto each top.

One by one, your beverage moves towards the can seamer. At this point in the canning line process, the cans are lifted, turned, and spun at high speeds to seal and crimp the lid on the top.

Once the cans are seamlessly sealed, the machine pushes out a single can to be cleaned and inspected by a member of our production team.


Step 3: Manual Cleaning & Inspection

A production team member then cleans off the excess liquid from the can as it passes along the conveyor belt. During this step of the canning line process, our team inspects each can to ensure the proper weight, temperature, and pressure. Lastly, the approved cans are prepared bottoms up to receive their lot coding.
Lot Code

Step 4: Lot Coding

Upside down, the cans move along on the conveyor to pass through our lot coder printer. Here, another team member watches the canning line as each can receives their lot of coding.

Step 5: Tunnel Pasteurization


The finished product makes its way to the next step: tunnel pasteurization. During this part of the canning line process, the cans enter a stainless steel tunnel where each can is sprayed with hot water. This process prevents & reduces the growth of microorganisms.

At Newport Bottling & Canning, we take an additional step to ensure the quality of your drink with cooling.


Step 6: Cooling


The final step of the canning line is cooling your canned beverages. Cooling allows us to preserve the flavor, aroma, and color of your drink after tunnel pasteurization.

After the cooling process, the cans are ready for case packing, wrapping, and shipping. Contact our team today to get one step closer to producing your dream drink.

Get started with your custom beverage formulation today by contacting us at 714-771-2200, or sending our team an email.