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The Process of Sports Drink Bottling & Canning

Our in-house facility in Orange, California, has full-scale beverage development capabilities, including sports drink bottling and canning. Whether you have a homemade recipe or want to create your own sports drink by developing a unique formula, our research and development team at Newport Bottling & Canning can help you formulate your dream sports drink with unique flavorings that set it apart from any other beverage on the market. We offer 40 years of beverage development experience and our in-house organic and natural flavoring capabilities with our brand, Nature’s Flavors.

What Are Sports Drinks?

A popular beverage among athletes and those who exercise frequently, sports drinks are an ideal fluid replacement solution after a taxing workout. Bottled sports drinks help hydrate the body, replenishing it with electrolytes and carbohydrates that are lost during exercise. Many sports drinks also provide energy and nutrients like vitamins. Some existing sports beverages contain a decent amount of sugar, while others use lower-calorie sweeteners. Though, the main ingredient found in bottled sports drinks is water. 

Over the past decade, the sports drink market has increased and has a value of 24.44 billion as of 2022. The market for sports beverages continues to grow, with beverage industry experts predicting that by 2028, the sports drink market will reach 32.61 billion. There is also a growing demand for healthier sports drinks with less sugar, natural ingredients, and health benefits.

Sports Drink Beverage Formulation and Development Capabilities

Create a brand-new bottled or canned sports drink with a team that has 40 years of experience in the bottling and canning beverage industry. We’ll help you with everything from beverage formulation, flavoring, research and development, and quality control testing to canning and bottling, shrink-sleeving packaging, and co-packing your sports beverages.

As a leading sports drink co-packer, we have the expertise to help you create a unique sports beverage that has the potential to thrive in a competitive market, so they are ready to distribute alongside the leading sports drink companies like Gatorade and Powerade. Our unique flavorings, along with your brand’s mission and sports drink packaging, will be key to making your sports beverage stand out on the store shelves.

Canning and Bottling Sports Drinks

Most sports beverage manufacturers use bottles as the selected container when producing their sports drinks. At Newport Bottling & Canning, our canning and bottling lines provide the ability to create sports beverages in aluminum cans, glass bottles, or PET plastic bottles of the following sizes, 8.4 oz, 12 oz standard, 12 oz sleek, and 16 oz.

Similar to bottling and canning energy drinks, we begin the process of sports drinks bottling and canning by manually adding the bottles or cans to the conveyor belt of the production line. We use an innovative reverse osmosis technology to triple-filter the water used to make sports drinks so that the sports performance beverages are guaranteed to be free of contaminants.

Then, your sports beverage formula is ready to fill the container of your choice. During the process of bottling and canning sports drinks, our quality control technicians inspect the taste and quality of the finished product. Then, they will send you samples to determine if you’d like to change the flavoring or ingredients. We offer trial runs that are ideal for determining the flavoring, type of container, and packaging of your sports drinks. Our beverage consulting experts are available to you throughout the entire process.

Once you approve the formula, your sports beverages can be produced in small or large quantities on our full-service bottling and canning line. The bottled sports drinks will be filled, and then they will receive their lids or caps. After inspection, the bottled or canned sports drinks are printed with a lot code. Next, the bottled sports beverages go through a stainless steel tunnel, where they undergo tunnel pasteurization. This step ensures that the cans and bottles of sports beverages are sprayed with hot water, reducing the growth of microorganisms.

After the process of tunnel pasteurization, the bottled and canned sports drinks are cooled, which helps to maintain the desired color, aroma, and flavor of the sports drink. At this stage in the sports drink bottling and canning process, the aluminum cans, PET plastic bottles, or glass bottles are ready for shrink-sleeve packaging and then co-packing. Finally, the canned and bottled sports drinks are then ready to be distributed in local grocery stores or nationwide.

Contact our team of beverage specialists today to see how we can assist you in making your own sports drink.