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Brewing, Canning & Bottling Tea From Start to Finish

At Newport Bottling & Canning, we are excited to offer commercial scale beverage production lines for brewing, canning, and bottling tea to beverage manufacturers from all over. Beverage Industry experts have predicted the ready-to-drink (RTD) tea market to grow into a $167.88 billion market by 2030. The demand for RTD teas has skyrocketed in recent years, leaving sugar-filled canned sodas to plummet. If these last few years have taught us anything, it’s to prioritize our health! That’s why consumers have been more crazed than ever to find the next flavorful beverage elixir.

Newport Bottling & Canning is Orange County’s leading iced tea copacker for our use of pure organic ingredients and natural flavoring applications. Our team of flavor chemists has decades of experience creating mouth-watering functional beverages, like flavored tea! We even provide our natural flavorings for tea to beverage creators with our natural and organic ingredients from Nature’s Flavors for when they are creating custom-flavored tea formulas.

Before Bottling Tea, You Have to Brew!

We work with you to find the highest quality and organic teas. The most popular tea blends for bottling tea are black and green since they provide health benefits with a mild caffeine boost. If you’re looking to do an herbal tea, our flavor chemists are experts in creating exceptional tea-blending formulas. We’ve worked with tea-blending formulas like mullein, chamomile, and even matcha!

The Newport Bottling & Canning team is well-versed in creating a sweet and flavorful tea without any harmful ingredients. Our team starts by adding reverse-osmosis water and your selected tea-blending formula to our commercial tea brewing machine. The tea is steeped for 15 minutes or whatever time you desire.

After steeping, the tea bags are removed, and the tea is set to chill to prevent further steeping. Once the tea has reached the desired temperature, our team adds the flavoring and other ingredients to the brewed tea. Natural flavorings are added while the tea is at a cooler temperature to prevent the natural flavoring from burning away.

Next, the tea is chilled one more time before testing. 

Quality Control and Client Testing

Newport Bottling & Canning’s quality control team receives a sample to test for the tea’s pH level, acidity, and more. Once the sample is approved by quality control, the client reviews the spec sheet and tastes their tea sample. During this time, the client can request adjustments to the taste of the tea or to additional ingredients. 

Once your tea-blending formula is approved, it’s off to our canning and bottling tea line.

Canning & Bottling Tea

Newport Bottling & Canning’s canning line is compatible with PET Plastic, aluminum cans, and glass bottled tea. We’ll be your guide to finding the right material for packaging your tea drinks.

Your glass bottled tea or cans are loaded on the conveyor belt to be filled with your custom tea formula. From there, the tea is sealed, given a lot code, and inspected. Next, the tea is inspected to ensure the pressure and lot code are correct.

Your tea moves onto our tunnel pasteurization to reduce the risk of fermentation. Finally, the tea proceeds to our cooling tunnel, where it’s packaged and ready to go.

No bottling or canning tea production run is ever too small or large with Newport Bottling & Canning. Contact us today to get started on creating the next crowd-pleasing drink!