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Canning & Bottling Soda

Soda bottling and canning is the final step in the process of creating your beverages and distributing them around the world. If you have a recipe you're proud of, Newport Bottling and Canning can expedite the mass production of your soft drink. Our large-scale production lines can produce hundreds or even thousands of your bottled drinks to share with your friends, your community, or to ship around the world.

Before diving deeper into the commercial sale of your carbonated beverages, you should learn more about the soda canning and soda bottling process. The size of the global carbonated soft drink market is worth over $200 billion, but before you’re ready to go head-to-head with the likes of Coca-Cola and Pepsi, make sure to work with our team of experts to perfect your bottled or canned soft drink product.

Perfecting Your Soft Drink

Before you start bottling soft drinks (or any drinks for that matter), you’ll need to create a unique recipe that can be replicated. Work with our team of beverage industry experts to help perfect your fizzy final product via our beverage formulation service. We’ll help you create a unique flavor by testing different amounts of sugar, acidity, and carbonation. Our flavor chemists have over 40 years of experience and have access to a plethora of all-natural and organic ingredients from our sister company, Nature’s Flavors.

To turn your flavors into full-fledged sodas for bottling or canning, you’ll need to add the most important ingredient; water. When it comes to bottling soft drinks, most carbonated beverages are made up of 80% to 95% water. Our team takes pride in our Reverse Osmosis filtration process, which results in highly purified water, free of any contaminants and ready to mix.

The Canning and Bottling Process

Once you’re happy with your flavors, the soda canning process can begin. But first: packaging. The soft drink canning and bottling process starts with the containers. At Newport Bottling and Canning, we support glass bottles, PET plastic bottles, and a variety of aluminum can sizes. The soda canning and bottling process begins by manually adding your beverage containers to our beverage production line. Next, our machines will start bottling soda into your preferred beverage containers. After sealing them, we use tunnel pasteurization on your canned and bottled soft drinks to prevent the growth of microorganisms. Finally, before your soft drink bottles and cans are ready for shipment, they’re passed through a cooling tunnel to enhance the flavors and aromas of the finished product.

Soft Drink Bottling and Canning Trials

Before diving into the world of beverage bottling head first, we suggest a smaller production run to help get a feel for your final product. No matter the size of your soft drink bottling endeavor, your drinks will still be tested, coded, packaged, cooled, and checked for quality assurance by our team before shipping them out to you for your enjoyment. Small beverage production runs like these are still a great tool for sampling new flavors or creating trial runs for ongoing research and development.

To start the beverage formulation process that comes before canning or bottling soft drinks, contact our team of expert beverage consultants today.