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Trusted for over 40 years, we offer a complete range of services from beverage formulation to bottling and canning.

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About Newport Bottling & Canning

As a premier drink bottling company and beverage copacking facility, our expertise includes everything from beverage formulation to research and development. Newport Bottling & Canning was created by The Flavor Guy, the same flavor chemistry expert behind Nature’s Flavors and Newport Flavors. Check out our natural and organic flavoring and fragrances. Our beverage consulting company offers in-house, turnkey solutions for beverage copacking. We provide beverage development services at our facility in Orange, California, where we also bottle and can beverages of all kinds. Bring your beverage ideas, and we’ll collaborate with you to create something entirely new. Get your specialty drinks developed and produced from start to finish with Newport Bottling & Canning.

Beverage Formulation & Development

We’re ready to create your ideal beverage formula, from functional beverages to soft drinks! If you don’t see your type of beverage listed below, contact us for more information.

*Our canning and bottling company is limited in the types of Kombucha, Coffee, & Alcohol we can process. Ask our beverage experts to find out how we can help you.
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Collaborate With Our In-House Beverage Flavoring Company

When you work with the team at Newport Bottling & Canning to create your custom-flavored drinks, you gain access to our proprietary collection of natural and organic flavors from our flavoring company, Nature’s Flavors. This partnership allows us to develop innovative beverages from start to finish at our in-house certified organic facility.

As part of the beverage development process, customers are able to test our natural drink flavorings to ensure that the beverage formulation surpasses their expectations. Our team of flavor chemists and beverage development experts work cohesively under one roof to master the art and science of organic and natural flavorings to help you create the beverage of your dreams.

Our Team

Our team of certified and experienced technicians is ready to turn your beverage idea into reality. Team up with flavor chemists and a Registered Safe Quality Food (SQF) Practitioner to get the answers you need during beverage development. Our work continues even after drink formulation, with our fully equipped bottling and canning production service.

Organic Certified Beverage Copacking Facility

FDA, HACCP Approved

Carbonated & Non-Carbonated

Tunnel Pasteurization & Cooling

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