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Canning Drinks

If you are interested in canning drinks with the goal of seeing your dream beverage on grocery store shelves, then look no further. Newport Bottling & Canning can help you create your dream beverage. We are proud to be an organic co-packing facility with small-to-large-scale canning line abilities.

Yum Matcha Can
If you have a commercial formula or just an idea, our canning line can guide your dream to success. Homemade kitchen recipes can be scaled to commercial beverage formulas with the help of our highly-skilled beverage research and development team.

Canning Line Features

Our canning equipment is designed to accommodate the following aluminum can sizes; 8.4 oz, 12 oz standard, 12 oz sleek, and 16 oz. We accept 202 LOE Can Ends for our canning line. Contact a team member today for further information regarding can sizes and ends!
If your beverage requires Co2 or nitrogen, or you would like to experiment with these elements, we have produced many carbonated and nitrogen-infused drinks with our canning equipment.

Trial Runs for Canning Drinks

Experience the most hands-on trial run for canning drinks with Newport Bottling & Canning. Trials runs create a unique experience for entrepreneurs and take the stress out of canning drinks. Our flavor chemists and quality control team are ready for any new requests or adjustments from you.

Experts inspect every new beverage product to ensure optimal flavor, color, and aroma. Receive approved safety reports from our Quality Assurance Manager before every beverage run. These steps are crucial to our canning line so you can avoid any foreseeable risk.

Can Line Production Stage
Can Production Line

Methods of Canning Drinks

Newport Bottling & Canning’s beverage production and canning lines use tunnel pasteurization to lower the risk of microorganism growth. Your canned beverages move on to our cooling tunnel to preserve the flavor, aroma, and color of your specialty drink after undergoing high temperatures.
Amongst our many services, our canning line includes shrink sleeve packaging to wrap your can in its own unique label. Your cans will be ready for distribution whenever you need them.