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Trusted by Local Startups & Global Beverage Companies

The flavor scientists on our beverage consulting team partner with brands across the United States and globally as well. Our beverage specialists provide their expertise as they help formulate and develop premium functional beverages for startup businesses and leading beverage companies – and everything in between.

We’ve Collaborated with Some Amazing Beverage Brands

A few of the prestigious beverage companies we’ve had the pleasure of working alongside include:

Birdie and Bill's Soda

One of the well-known beverage brands that we’ve collaborated with is Birdie and Bill’s Soda. During the beverage formulation process, this all-natural soda pop brand is formulated with our organic and natural flavorings supplied by Nature’s Flavors. The craft sodas are produced with glass bottles on our bottling line and are distributed nationwide in packages of four and 24. The all-natural flavored sodas are sugar-free, low-calorie beverages, available in nostalgic flavors like root beer, cola, and cream soda.


The drink brand, SECRET, is a fruit-flavored water and soda company making healthy flavored beverages to distribute globally. Through the beverage consulting process, we helped SECRET determine the best containers to manufacture their beverages using PET plastic bottles and glass bottles on our bottling production line.

Yum Matcha

The brand Yum Matcha uses Newport Bottling & Canning for beverage research and development to produce ceremonial-grade flavored matcha teas for global distribution. They use our certified organic and natural flavorings to create low-calorie, sugar-free canned matcha teas. The Yum Matcha canned teas are filled with delicious flavored matcha tea on our beverage canning line.

What Sets Us Apart

As a leading beverage development company with over 40 years of experience, we are able to provide our organic and natural flavoring capabilities with our sister company, Nature’s Flavors. We only use the finest ingredients in our flavorings, and our canning and bottling production lines are state-of-the-art.

At Newport Bottling & Canning, we provide our beverage development and co-packing services all under one roof in Orange County, CA, for your convenience. We offer everything from consulting, beverage formulation, and research and development to bottling, canning, shrink-sleeve packaging, and beverage co-packing. Our team of beverage consultants specializes in the entire beverage development process from start to finish.

See how the beverage experts at Newport Bottling & Canning can make your drink idea a reality, just like many of the other beverage brands we’ve collaborated with over the years.

5 Star Rating

“I’ve enjoyed working with Newport Bottling & Canning  in producing my new premium functional beverage. They did an outstanding job throughout the production process, ensuring the product was delicious and balanced in texture. Thank you for being there for me every step of the way and making my healthy, delicious beverage a reality.”

Lena Milo Lifeberry Founder&CEO